Judy Johnson with her horse Chance in the background.


I live a happy life with my husband on a small farmette west of Kalamazoo, Michigan,  surrounded by our dog, cats and horses and delighted with return visits by our son and daughter.




International Equine Artists- online shows 

Michiana Annual Art Competition- Summer 2016- Babe  and  Storming the Castle

American Academy of Equine Artists Fall Juried Show 2016 -On Course at Richland Park

El Paso international Museum of Art- 2014  The Horse: Spirit and Soul juried exhibit, two paintings- "Lorraine exeercises good judgement" and "While you see a chance you take it"

August 2014


ARTPrize 2013  Grand Rapids, MI  "Travelers"


American Academy of Equine Artists Fall Juried Show 2013  "Lorraine Exercises Good Judgement"


 Michiana Annual Art Competition 2013 and 2014, Juried Show

             "The Horse in Art", Seippel Homestead and Center for the Arts, Beaver Dam, WI  April- June 2011,                             (invitational) 

             Canine Art Guild online show "Mug Shots",  April 2011           

             Draft Horse Classic, Nevada County Fair, Grass Lake, CA-  Sept. 2010-juried show (Honorable Mention                      Award)        

             West Michigan Area Show, Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts, Kalamazoo, MI

                      April-May 2010  Juried show

              Button-Petter Gallery, Saugatuck, MI  2009-2013

              Constance Petter Gallery, Saugatuck, MI  2007-09

              Mural Mosaic - The Horse Gift  (panel 192)


              Draft Horse Classic Juried Show 2007, Grass County, CA


              Emerging Artists Exhibit-Constance Petter Gallery, Saugatuck, MI  2007


              Equine Art Guild Virtual Art Shows 2006-7 


                            Interpretations, The Horse as Muse, Reflections


              Canine Art Guild Virtual Art Shows 2008, 2009, 2010


                            Helping Paws


              Michiana Annual Art Competition 2007, Juried Show- 2 pieces accepted.  Received $500 Purchase Award


              Western States Horse Expo 2007, Juried Show


              Plaza Gallery 2005-6 Kalamazoo,


              Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Winter Sale 2006


              Art Hop Kalamazoo March


              Michigan Equine Artist Holiday Show, Kalamazoo, MI


              Michigan Stallion Expo, Lansing, MI


              Grand Rapids Horse Expo, Grand Rapids, MI


              North American Horse Spectacular, Novi, MI



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              Alan A.Halpern, The Runner's World Knee Book, Macmillan Publishing, 1984

              Alan A. Halpern, The Kalamazoo Arthritis Book, published by the author, 1984

              Patrick O'Connor, Jointworks, published by the author, 1993

              Patrick O'Connor and Thomas M. Schaller, Footworks II, published by the authors, 2001

              Illustrations for many journal articles for various physicians and veterinarians over the years

Judy Johnson riding her horse.